Never stop learning

Let’s start right of: do you realize how much there is to learn? I mean we had at least 10-15 subjects in school, where we learned the very base. I mean, I can ask for a free room in a hotel in Spanish and I guess I know what the mitochondria or hypotenuse is, but there is sooooooo much more to all those subjects and other fields we never even discussed in school or don’t even know about in the first place.

For example I thought we learned a lot in school about writing and letter press in the antique and later on. Studying comparative literature now, I learned even more about it and most probably still don’t know everything about it and it really amazes me, but also makes me think about the topic knowledge and what or how much of it we pass on to future generations. I mean, there are things written in books that not enough people read that one day maybe be forgotten forever. If that is even possible?

Every time book burning or something alike comes up, as when the library of Alexandria burned, I get really upset. Not only because a book holds a lot of worth in my eyes, but also because back in the days a lot of documents and books were easily lost in a fire and isn’t it frustrating, imagining there could have been something written that could have changed how we look on certain things or probably there has been a book burnt that could have improved the way we live or our technology in general (at least made it improve faster). And then it makes me sad because I love books. To the present day I cannot bring myself to write into a book without it hurting my soul. Okaaaay, not that bad, I just cringe a whole lot.

Every book teaches you something, no matter if it’s the secret of maths or the wonderful and mystical world of Harry Potter. And let’s not forget about the boring books that teach us appreciating good novels, poetry and what not. So there never is a good enough reason to burn a book, unless you are in the wild and have to survive somehow and there is no other way to keep you warm. When you are not even going to use the fire you set to warm yourself up or cook food, you are only being unreasonable and barbaric. I really like to refer to what Tim Minchin said once:

Whether it’s the Quran or a Harry Potter, whether it’s sacred to someone or not – what sort of fucking idiot burns a book?

And he is right. You do not burn a book. I remember some people in my school doing this after graduating as a sort of ritual I guess and what I thought about was (and they actually made fun of me for that):

  • Why set a fire you are not going to use in any way – not even for marshmallows?
  • The only thing you give to nature by that is CO2, you know?
  • Oh, and by the way, you are burning the stuff that would have gotten rid of the CO2, which is kind of ironic…
  • For fudges sake, book burning has only been happening in places or times when humanity has been at its lowest. There has never been non-fascist, non-misogynist or in general good people who ordered a book burning. There never has and never will be either hopefully.

I did get off topic here didn’t I? Whatever, fact is we live in a time where knowledge is easily accessible, no matter if through books or the internet. We should educate ourselves as often and much as possible to create a better world and to pass on to our kids and grand-children. So my only advice for you this time comes from one of my favourite YouToubers, Connor Franta:



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