Now let’s end poverty!

Well, well, well, isn’t that great? Marriages for everybody in every state. I’m not going to lie, I got tears in my eyes when I read the news. But let’s not talk about that.

While I enjoyed pictures of 80-something year olds finally getting married and lots of heart-warming proposals I couldn’t ignore the negative comments and outcomes of it. But before that, didn’t someone want to set himself on fire? …No? Alright.

I saw a lot of posts especially on Tumblr for LGBTQ+ people to be aware that now, that homosexual marriages are legal, lots of homophobes will attack them to show their anger. What began as an for me slightly offensive post made me realize towards the end that yes, there will most likely be more frequent attacks on homosexuals and it makes me sad. Seriously, most of them are already living in fear and now being extra careful because some people won’t control their completely conservative hate is totally ridiculous. It should be the government, the police sleeping with open eyes, not a scared gay 14 year old child.

Besides that we have those who scream for attention in times like these. “But what about the homeless? The poor ones??? HEALTH INSURANCE??!?!?” Damn it, can’t we appreciate a step forward for once without someone feeling left out? I get it, those are all problems governments, also that of the US, needs to take care of, but the American LGBTQ+ community can register a victory for once according to their rights and lives and I am pretty angry that so many people downgrade it by comparing it to e.g.: poverty. One step at a time; we can’t end world hunger in a day! What is a lot easier is giving every person their right to love and live the way they want without any fear because that is the basis for a happy life and at least a more realistic goal.

For now there is nothing more I want to add, let’s all appreciate for a moment that we are walking towards better and more open-minded times.