So, you are too Mainstram/Hipster?

Can I just say how sick I am of hipsters? Nothing against the lifestyle, the choice of clothes or their tumblr account full of moustaches and “Perks of being a Wallflower”-quotes, but it’s the impact the Hipster vs. Mainstream fight has in every other area, as music.

I can’t stand when people dislike my music taste because apparently Dillon tries too hard to be different and One Direction is only for 12 year olds – seriously, how good the music is does not depend on their fan base or the first two years of their career. By the way: you know that half the stuff the bands do in the first couple of years has been written by anyone and told them by their management? Grow up, mate.

I am sick of those people who only listen to a specific genre and other “cool, not Taylor Swift” stuff feel like the gurus of music. They know half the Bands on Frequency and now feel the urge to show the rest of the world how cool and “not mainstream” they are and judge and insult other musicians and genres. *slow clap* Well done, you are officially an annoying idiot.

Why? Why is it so hard to understand that choosing THE music is like choosing the attributes of beauty: you can’t! There are too many tastes, too many differences between the genres and features that you can’t state what kind of music is the best. So don’t even try.

I am sick of not being able to show of my incredible Playlists on parties because hidden between some Top50 songs there is 1D’s “Little Black Dress” (which rocks) or some good ol’ Britney songs, Uncle Kracker or damn Beatles. I’m sick of having to explain that just because I listen to that one song, I don’t have any taste in music or don’t listen to anything else. Because I do! I listen to everything that sounds good to me, from Reggae, over Hip Hop to Rap and Pop and anything from The Neighbourhood and Soya over Lady Gaga to Eminem and everything that is in between Alice Cooper and Bon Jovi. If I think its good I’m going to listen to it, no matter what media, those Hipsters or my music-festival-friends say about it.

Let’s finally get over all of this “I knew them before they were cool” and “But they are so mainstream” before the next generation arrives because if that happens I will see myself forced to walk through the city with a ghetto blaster playing Justin Bieber. And we both don’t want that to happen, believe me.

Maybe I’m going to post some of my favourite songs because I can and I won’t let anybody make me feel bad for what I like to listen to. I’d love to hear some of your favs, put them down in the comments!


2 thoughts on “So, you are too Mainstram/Hipster?

  1. I can remember the time when I guess I could’ve been characterised as a “hipster” when it came to music and, to be fair, I believe I had a fairly good reason back then to turn into one.
    The problem with music industry is that if you are young and really do listen to plenty of radio you begin to like songs you didn’t at first and songs that get more airtime are likely to be what you consider good music. Once a radio channel begins to dictate your taste of music, you may have a problem.
    I guess the first time I recognised this problem is when I experienced the opposite of the “I knew them before they were cool”-dilemma; I was publicly humiliated for liking some song I had heard abroad and as soon as that song began appearing in the top 10s I was being told: “Well, it wasn’t popular back then”. Consequently, I abandoned everything I had considered good music and began listening to whatever sounded good AND wasn’t being played on radio.
    Nowadays I do not mind listening to radio; sometimes I even find tracks that I enjoy myself but I have become more critical of everything what I’m listening to. If the lyrics of the song are dumb or if the melody is boring (for example using a four chord progression) I may have a hard time trying to listen to the song. There is, however, nothing wrong with liking a four chord song nor agreeing with lyrics I personally cannot agree with. If that’s your cup of tea, this is mine as long as everyone listens to what they really like.

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    1. Oh I totally agree with the idea of listening o whatever you like even if it is considered hipster od mainstream nowadays. But as I cant do anything with those “titles” I dont like being called that way (I have friends who cosider themselves hipsters and I am okay with that). I listen to a mix of genres and songs, so most of the time I dont have a problem with most radio stations, I remember those times I listened to only the radio untill I got that I can listen to whtever, no matter if my friends liked it or the radio played it.
      Btw I am happy for you that you found the courage to listen to what YOU like and YOU find good (cant say that about everybody)


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