Today, I’ll be myself

It’s funny how everybody seems to know what’s wrong with me and how my future is going to look like. Seriously, everybody. “Oh, you look sad. Do you have problems at home?” “Do your parents push you too hard towards success?” “Damn, you have too many self-doubts!”

Well, thank you for the comments, didn’t notice I have a depression, duh.

It has gotten so bad, that I am thinking something is wrong with me and how can I not? When everybody is doubting you and everything you do, there is no other way than keep making mistakes you wouldn’t do when you were able to be yourself. Act and talk like yourself. I’d love to turn back time and change some things. Things I said, things I did and most of all those times I was weak in front of so many people because now that’s what everybody associates with me: weakness. But I can’t and I keep on trying to change that image, but somehow I can’t because something like that cannot be erased out of most people’s minds. And I’m sick of it.

Those damn images are the reasons we think we have to be a certain way. All of your relatives think you are the cute little girl that spends all her time in school or the library, even if you don’t? Who cares about them? – Be rebellious, sneak out of the window! Stand up for yourself, ask your boss for that promotion, whatever, don’t be the image that others have of you. Be YOU, act like YOU would and say what YOU want to say. Life is too short to be someone else than yourself, so don’t.

There will always be someone who brings you down, always someone who closes their eyes while you success to only focus on your failure, always someone who doesn’t like the way you are (and I’m sorry about my harsh expression, but-) SCREW THEM!

You do you and everything else is not important. Believe me, maybe you don’t feel this way right now, but one day you will wake up to be a person you won’t recognize anymore and that you need to change.

Change the way you live to the way you are before it’s too late.


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