I am fine

I am sure there are enough tumblr posts explaining the deeper meaning behind that sentence. “I am fine”, as in “I am totally not, but you don’t want to hear it anyway”.

Well, do you?

How many times have you asked a person for his or her wellbeing, just to be polite and act like a good person would? Because ‘I am fine’ is just as mainstream as ‘everything alright?’ or ‘How are you?’ and our lips became numb to it. Let’s be real, most of the time we don’t even want to know what kind of hell this person is going through because we are fighting our own demons. So don’t bother asking.

I am serious.

If you expect an halfarsed ‘I am fine.’ or ‘Everything is alright, I am just tired.’ that you are not going to question, don’t waste your and their time. That person obviously has a lot on their mind and doesn’t need to lie to someone’s face again and again without being able to find someone, who does not only see that something is wrong, but also is not afraid to be confronted with it. That’s the only thing most of the people need – a good cry, a nice talk and a movie or ice-cream (or both) afterwards.

And if you can’t do that, you obviously don’t care enough for that friend. Do it, say that you know what’s going on, take a walk together, or just sit silently next to each other. JUST SOMETHING! We all need someone to show us they care. Be that one person.