We are all Hobby-Psychologists

The first time I heard this expression was when my older brother and my father were arguing about parental education. Apparently my father is a hobby-psychologist because he interprets stuff and obviously knows everything about ones feelings and thoughts – well, without being a professional.

As rude as thr comment may seemed, I feel good calling myself a hobby-psychologist. Not only because everyone who knows me advices me to study psychology, but also because I naturally feel empathy and like to reveal a persons past and feelings to interpret their personality and actions. That is the point where it gets really interesting. Time and humanity created more and more stereotypes and prejudices so that girls with no real father figure become strippers and boys who are attached to their mothers will marry a girl who resembles her.

So where do I want to go with this? Maybe we all can listen to somebodys past or try to understand someones feelings, but after all everyone is unique and does not always fit in a shaped destiny with a bunch of other people. After all I am neither a stripper nor am I going to marry an actual copy of my father.

I am a hobby-psychologist; just like you.


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